• Jeff Bacon

The life of an Indie Author

You may ask, what does this have to do with technology or marketing. Give some latitude and we will get there shortly.

Authors struggle to finish their books, but once the manuscript is finished, the feeling of accomplishment is short lived. The next step is overwhelming. I’m not writing about the endless editing, proofing, and changes made. I am speaking of selling a book on your own.

In 2020, marketing a book, knowing your genre, and exploring your tropes are of the utmost importance. Depending on where and how you publish, you will need how to advertise on retail platforms, social media, and book resources like Bookbub.

Indie authors become experts in digital marketing, social media, and other platforms like Amazon. When you are looking for your next partner, why not pick someone who actively works in all the platforms to find the best ways to sell to the masses?

Authors are best known for two things, research and marketing because their livelihood depend upon it.

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