• Jeff Bacon

The Contract

How do you feel about technical support contracts? When I worked for other companies, I was always suspect of them when I worked for other companies. There are two ways to look at these contracts. One is a budgetary item, a capped expense which gives you a sense of security knowing certain tasks and issues are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. The second is you are paying for certain services and promises and the hours promised in the contract cannot be seen.

I prefer to pay, or in my case charge an hourly rate for honest work. My opinion is that if you wish to enter a monthly contract, then there has to be some accountability. An agreement on the amount of hours and the tasks to be accomplished.

I’m not writing that these contracts are all bad, I am saying you should know what you’re paying for and what the true value of the contract is. If you’re paying a set amount every month, it is definitely a benefit for the vendor. Make sure you are getting all the value that is owed to you.

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