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Expert Guidance AKA: Wayfinder

What is the purpose of a website if it isn’t generating new business? How many thousands of dollars have you wasted on poor performing digital ads? Have you tried investing in social media with zero return?

Your website, digital applications, and social media should work in an automated harmony to drive leads and customers into your business 24 /7.

I don’t just find a keyword list and populate your website with text salad. I will do the research and incorporate the right number of keywords, articles, blogs, and site copy to give you the advantage over your competition.

Social media has become a massive tool for those who know how to wield it properly. Finding a combination of targeting, ad script, images / videos, and auction price are important components when putting a campaign together. Having a plan of action to create a mechanism that funnels potential customers into sales.

Product launches in today's world happen on the digital platform. I can guide you through the maze of digital storefronts and retail sites to see success with your product.

The real benefit of hiring a small firm is I have the time to learn your business from the one true expert, you. The base of every successful campaign is the research into both the client and competition. I take the guesswork out of building scripts and copy to deliver positive results.

If you would like a review of your current site and service and explore the possibility of having a digital medium that works for you versus draining your bank account, try my methods.